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automate workflow

Keep track of clients that have pending dues

A highly dedicated dashboard is set that captures all the information and show it up so that you get paid timely. There is an option to send gentle payment reminders with one click.

taxes discounts

Make it easier for your customers to pay their invoices online.

Add various payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal or more so that customers can pay right from their invoice to you instantly. The invoice system will automatically record payments and updates you about invoices in real-time.

automate workflow

Schedule your Invoice according to requirement

Utilize the recurring invoice function to schedule an invoice or set a reminder for your clients. Convert the existing quote into a full-fledged invoice with a single click and send it to your customer.

Zeligz Invoice Management System

Hassle free customer Oriented Invoice Management System


Invoice Management System is responsible for managing documents from vendors and suppliers. All the information such as maintenance, utilities, office supplies is track-able with the help of IMS.

Tax Based Invoicing System

Issue GST,VAT or any type of Taxation based Invoicing depending upon your countries taxation system.

Accepting diverse Payment Methods

We accept card payments from several platforms, ranging from PayPal to bank transfer which makes it easy to transfer funds.

Customer Portal

Get your customer managed using dynamic customer portal where they can see all their active invoice,estimates and pay their bills.


Supportive platform for GSTIN, GST tax invoice, bill of supply, HSN columns, GST tax rates.


Create your delivery challan easier than ever before with customized templates.

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