Why Online Invoicing Is the Need of the Hour

Start getting your invoice in no time and without investing a lot of time on the pre-process. Are you wondering how this is possible? It is possible and to know how to keep reading this blog. The very basic steps involve, purchasing invoice software, installing of this managing system followed by creating your customized templates with company information and you are all set to go.

It is simple and you can customize it according to your company requirements, upload company logo and details to make it very clear and professional. There are several invoice designs and you can pick the most relevant one. Then you can enable payment gateways to receive and pay the invoice. You can always edit templates and it is advisable to draft electronic mail beforehand. However, there are inbuilt reminder notes as well which you can send if you did not receive payments on time.

Are you wondering, what else you can do with this software? You can do endless tasks at the same time with this management system, for instance, send quotes and proposals. Import expenses that were made and share them with vendors, distributors to avoid any kind of misinterpretation. Also, you can save time for fieldwork and not paperwork. Invoices can be easily created & shared, right to the concerned person.

Do you charge clients monthly or annually? If yes, then set up recurring invoices & auto-bill your clients. The long record books will not work or they cause chaos and frustration, so let the software do these tasks for you while you get payments automatically. All you have to do is to fill in the details, description and payment options once and each time it will be updated. And if you have any changes, you can edit it before sending the invoice. This allows you to keep a check on accuracy and builds up your confidence.

Are you running multiple businesses? Do not get tensed as to how you will manage your bills and invoices. Our multiple company support feature is just so apt for business owners like you. The software allows the user to shift from one company to other very smoothly and you can easily manage all your billis and invoices from same platform. You can manage them all in one convenient, secure, and interlinked manner. The ‘Zeligz Invoice Management system’ allows you to manage invoice for multiple businesses and several clients all at just a click.

Also, you can easily create and send aesthetic proposals to your customers in just a few clicks. Additionally, if they like the proposal then they can easily approve them for conversion into an invoice. It is pleasant to deliver your clients with a document that is easy to understand and preserve.

The cherry on the cake is you can select the template that goes perfectly with your business type to make it more personal and attractive. A black and white piece of paper has a lot of chances to get misplaced whereas a professionally created invoice will be kept safely, for sure. A document that stands out gets more attention and calls out to action. The ‘Zeligz Invoice’ offers amazing customization tools where you can add company logo, make modifications to the templates, adjust the fonts, and customize to create brand awareness. Give a clean sweep to your competitors; place your order, right away.

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