Frequently Asked Questions

An invoice is a document that is issued by a seller to the buyer in respect to a sale transaction. It is indicative of the products and services, quantities, and costing of products or services.

Oh surely! We ensure to maintain the security of data and at no cost, we are ready to compromise on it. Our encrypted server system is very strong thus you should not worry at all.

Yes, our Invoice management is free to use. It allows you to send limitless invoices to an unlimited number of clients. Additionally, you will be able to gain valuable insights into your business.

Yes, it is suitable for all devices , it is extremely helpful in keeping track since the of your invoicing needs using any kind of device.

To register yourself with us, you need to click on 'register' and fill in the details. Ensure that you provide correct information and then click on 'accept terms and conditions' and click on 'Sign Up'.

No, you have to enter your details once when you are registering yourself with us. When you have been registered , next time you have to select 'Login' and enter 'Username'.

To customize your invoice, go to settings and select template. Then click on Invoices and you will see edit option. Select edit and re-create your invoice according to your wish.

If you wish to customize your invoice, you can change font, colour, layout, tables, header and footer content.

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