Track time and handle projects for best outcomes

Zeligz Invoice has features by which you can log and track time spent on projects. Plan your time by analyzing these reports.

Gather advance payments for ongoing projects

Send the invoices of retailers to your clients and request for advance payments for projects .

Make entry of your working hours

Put your entry Log when you start working on a project. Every billable minute will be entered and a report will be available to access.

Keep track of hours and expenses that are to be paid

Enter the data and analyze the hours and expenses that are yet to be paid by viewing your Dashboard.

Strengthen your productivity with team work

Give restricted access to your employees for making an entry of their working hours. Additionally you can distribute the tasks and add working hours of your staff.

Allocate your budget

Allocate your budget based on the total project cost and working hours. Check the progress of the work in the project overview section. You can also track the percentage of the budget that has been used and how much is remaining.

zeligz Invoice offers a multitude of features to make your invoicing easy.

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